We sell sleep and dreams

We sell sleep and dreams

At Feather & Springs, we manufacture sleep, and lots of it. Deep, glorious sleep, a place where you recuperate from the days ordeals and recharge ready for the next. If you pop into our stores you will see us happy, full of beans and positivity. That’s because we practice what we preach (and we have a good staff discount!)

There isn’t a single thing in life more beneficial that sleep and once you realize that, life becomes easier and more manageable. You become more in charge of you, because you are firing on all cylinders.

Have a look at our website and we are about to update it. Lot’s of changes are coming, new models, new accessories to help you find rest. We will not be selling gadgets, apps or cuddle blankets at £500 a pop. No, sleep is easy, but it is something you need to work at. So, please bare with us.

In the mean time, pop into store today, you will be glad you did.