Wellbeing, home and clutter…

Wellbeing, home and clutter…

Health and wellbeing have never played a more prominent part in our lives than they do now. From investing in a healthy diet or finding a balanced way of living, so it’s natural that we’d start to see this trend spilling into the homes. People are using the power of positivity to dress their interior. Incorporating wellbeing into our homes is easier than you may think, and can be a fun family activity, by getting your kids involved.
‘objects should be useful or spark joy’
Feeling good at home is so important for my wellbeing because it’s my safe place, I am completely free to be myself and I can put the stresses of everyday life behind me, simply by kicking off my shoes, and slipping on some nice knitted socks. There is no doubt that our own environment has a huge impact on one’s mood. Personally, I like subdued uncluttered spaces, clutter makes me feel stressed, but I do like to have objects that I love around me, and so I try to surround myself with people and things that make me happy under one roof.
There are a few things that contribute to my wellbeing at home and I’d like to share them with you. Firstly, surround yourself with plants and flowers. They are a great source of joy in the home and echo life. If you are a serial plant killer then opt for succulents as they are so forgiving, they like a warm, sunny spot and need very little water. In terms of flowers, get creative and choose seasonal blooms. They will often be cheaper, and you’ll come across some interesting varieties, even in supermarkets. Also look for additional green foliage in your garden if you have outdoor space – it looks great, adds volume, lasts for ages and is completely free!
Tactile fabrics, bed linen and objects are so comforting; they add those all-important layers and details that pull your home decor together. Always have an extra blanket or throw on your bed, as it’s easier to take off, than hunt down at 3am, when it’s chilly, Texture is the key here; chunky wool blankets, sheepskin throws, sisal rugs and natural materials turn a house into a home. My friends will tell you about my love for empty coloured vases, they are my number one tip for filling corners, creating softness and easily filling space, but even I do have to edit, I can’t live with everything out all the time, so it is good to save some space under the stairs or in a cupboard for storage.

Lighting and home fragrance – well, what can I say, I have never been a lover of ceiling lighting, it’s harsh and a real mood killer! I prefer the softer light from a lamp in the room alongside a beautifully scented candle or burner. Be selective about which candles you burn and opt for those made with soy wax and essential oils: the burn is cleaner and so much better for your health and wellbeing.

• Edit your life. Clear things away that you don’t need.
• Get organised – Take some time to sort through and tidy your belongings. It’s so much easier to get on with the day-to-day stuff if everything is organised and folded. It’s amazing how much time we can lose by looking for things.
• Bring nature into your home – Looking at nature always makes me happy and it helps keep life and its stresses in perspective. Whether it’s plants, flowers or driftwood, you can get creative with how you display it.
• Invest in a nice clock that has a good tick, it will help with your breathing and concentration.
• Knitted socks give me a sense of home, comfortable, grounding and natural.
• Open your windows once a day.
• Have books around, good ones, that talk about placers you want to visit, or on subjects that make you inspired.