Space Saving Solutions

Space Saving Solutions

Small space living is becoming a necessity for more and more of us, with housing market demands and city crowding leading to us choosing compact and bijou studio apartments and small cottages rather than houses with gardens.

But we firmly believe that sometimes the best things come in small packages – just because you may live in a small space, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or throw all your belongings away – there are options!

Choose light furnishings to create an airy feel or furniture that’s on legs that shows more floor and wall area – this opens out the room to use all available space. From mirrors to storage, these are our top tips…

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Glass reflects light and doesn’t take up floor space so why wouldn’t you cover your walls in mirrors? When it comes to reflective surfaces in small spaces, the bigger the better to make the most of natural light and give the illusion that your room is much larger than it really is.

When buying a mirror, try to find ones, with bevelled edges to the glass. This is a mark of quality, especially if you are able to find a flea market bargain. Black spotting, I feel adds a touch of old world glamor. This is where the mirror has suffered over time with water ingress.

Stylish shelves

In a small home, storage can be a big issue, so this is the time to get creative and use your wall space! Shelving can be added to any room in one form or another and it’s a great way to add a focal point. And what’s more, they make a fantastic opportunity for an Instagram friendly “shelfie” (excuse the pun!)

Bedroom storage

I and Many of my friends opt for plastic boxes on wheels as a under bed storage solution, but those of us who have been there and done that, I can assure you, the number of socks and underwear one loses, the huge amount of dust bunnies that collect, the shame is just too much! I jest, bit an excellent solution is to be found within a divan bed. Drawers!!! They open easily, you can see what’s what immediately. Divans supplied by Feather & Springs are handmade in our premises in Lancaster, so if you would like two drawers, four drawers, or a lovely large end drawer, we can do this for you.

Then we have “The beast” as it’s known in our house. The Feather & Springs ottoman. The whole of the top of the divan opens up on gas pistons, to reveal a space that I actually hide my Christmas tree and all my decorations in, that’s on one side, on the other, I have spare pillows, blankets and winter duvets. It is also great for hiding Christmas gifts from prying eyes!

The quality of this Ottoman is excellent, much stronger and sturdier than others, and comes with the necessary attachments for a headboard. there is no impact on comfort or style, the ottoman is available in twenty different fabrics, ten different leather type fabrics and are all the same price! Pictured here with our Ruskin mattress and upholstered in Saddle leather, in black.

So, why not pop into store today to and meet “The Beast”, by Feather & Springs. You will be glad you did.