Revealing The True Size Of A King Size Bed

Revealing The True Size Of A King Size Bed

King Size Mattress Dimensions Explained: How Big Is A King Size Bed?

From sleeping on animal hides (or even on leaves) to modern-day mattresses, the evolution of the humble bed has come a long way.  Although sometimes referred to simply in terms of their imperial or metric measurements, the more regal terms used to describe the size of a queen, emperor or size of a king size bed, have suitably regal origins.

From the 12th Century onwards, the design of bed frames became increasingly more ornate, peaking in the 17th Century (in what is now known as “the century of magnificent beds”, where ornate gold and velvet finishes were used – however this was not where terms like “king size” originated from.

According to historians, the first queen size bed was thought to have been invented for Queen Elizabeth I – while the first king size bed (created in 1890) was far larger than modern-day versions and could fit 15 people.


A small single bed is 190 x 75cm, while a single bed is slightly larger at 190cm x 90cm.


A small double is 190cm x 120 cm, while a standard double bed is 190cm x 135cm. The majority of British couples still sleep in a standard double size, which gives the sleeper minimal room in which to move about.

King Size

While super king sizes are 200 cm long and 180 cm wide, the standard king size bed is slightly smaller at 150cm wide and 200cm long.

Emperor Size

Although these vary depending on the retailer, emperors are the largest bed size available in the UK, measuring around 200cm x 200cm.

Who Are King Size Beds Suitable For?

For sleepers who need a little more room to stretch out (and the bedroom space to put one in) – king size mattress dimensions  can provide a spacious and comfortable night’s rest.

Taller Sleepers

King sized beds are a good option for sleepers over over 190cm in height, allowing for additional leg room. It is generally not a good idea to purchase a too-short bed, as this can impact sleeping posture and comfortability, making for a poor night’s sleep.

Restless Partners

While some argue that smaller beds promote intimacy (as they allow co-sleeping couples to be closer to one another) – sometimes you need a little space – quite literally.

Check Your Measurements And Height First

King sized beds are designed to provide two adult sleepers with plenty of space – but should only be used in rooms where there is sleeping space available.

When buying any piece of furniture, it’s imperative to check your measurements first – there’s nothing worse than purchasing a beautiful item only to find that it won’t fit through the front door!

With mattresses, you can purchase rolled mattresses which come ready-compressed – but for standard mattresses and beds here’s how to measure up your bed and/or king size mattress dimensions:

  1. Measure your new product in three dimensions: height, width and depth. You will generally be able to find this directly from your supplier or online.
  2. Measure the width of your front door horizontally and diagonally (if the item will tip to fit through this way).
  3. Measure any internal doorways and hallways you may have to carry the mattress through
  4. Measure the width of staircases – you don’t want to re-enact the infamous “pivot” scene from Friends!
  5. Prep the space for delivery by clearing any other furniture or obstructions out of the way, and by ensuring the home is hazard-free, including any valuables or picture frames you might accidentally knock.

What Styles And Materials Are Available?

Although finding the right mattress is an important consideration, so is the bed frame itself – which really depends on your personal preference and sense of style. Before purchasing, consider how the specific style of bed you like might fit in – not just with the room itself (in terms of size) – but with the decor in the room – so if you’re ready for a style shakeup, your bed might just be the best place to start.

Upholstered and Divan Bed Frames

Available in an array of patterns and colours, these pillowy-soft bed frames are ideal for sleepers seeking a combination of style and comfort. While technically both fabric covered, upholstered beds tend to come with padded headboards, while divans are without. Both have options for under-bed storage, if you are looking for a great multipurpose piece of furniture.

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are a classic look in any bedroom, offering timeless style in a range of finishes from brass to matte black. Designs range from minimal to more ornate designs that would fit in with vintage-inspired decor perfectly.

Wooden Bed Frames

Characterful, sturdy and simple, wooden bed frames are (quite literally) a solid choice when it comes to choosing a bed frame. Again, your design can be as simple or as complex as you like depending on your personal preference. Opt for simple, minimalist frames for a modern Scandinavian look – or go for something a little more detailed with a carved wooden bedframe.

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