In the news, with Cabinet Maker.

In the news, with Cabinet Maker.

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Feather and Springs are a local manufacturer of hand-made luxury beds, based in the North West.
Feather & Springs Lancaster based store is celebrating its first birthday this month. All in all, it has been an exciting first year and we are very pleased with the reaction from both the local community, and the people of the North West of England. We have seen growth both through our retail stores and our busy website, and we feel that this is due to our ongoing commitment to really good quality customer service, unbeatable product knowledge, our ability to manufacture to customers specifications, and our commitment to the local community, by involving ourselves in community projects and charity.

The local family run business started in November 2016 with a showroom in Kendal and have quickly expanded to having retail outlets in Lancaster and Morecambe. All products are made by their specialist team based in Lancaster who hand-craft mattresses, bed bases, linen and bedding accessories of the highest quality for both local homes and hotels

A benefit of being Independent and a local business is that we can help and reach out to those who may need us. We recently were a major sponsor to Lancaster’s St John’s Hospice, and earlier this year, we gave away one of our lovely beds to The Cumbria Community Foundation for their Great Sleep Out event. Today, when supposedly major businesses who have flooded the market place are now restructuring, closing stores, our stores are warm, welcoming and friendly places, where pressure isn’t a thing.

The Rydal mattress
To co-inside with this celebration we are launching our new Rydal bed, which utilizes the latest technology while supported by trusted technique. The Rydal is a traditional 3000 pocket sprung mattress, offering sublime support as well as excellent airflow. It is low in profile, and big in comfort. All materials used are Antibacterial, Hypo-Allergenic and Anti Dust Mite. the comfort layer incorporates new technology and offers excellent support for both spine and pressure points areas, thus enabling high energy sports men and women a way to sleep comfortably, safe in the knowledge that they will awaken ready for each day. For those seeking the holistic benefits of the Rydal, will also appreciate similar rewards. The Rydal is totally foam free and is part recycled and has no need to be turned. It is available for residential, commercial and medical uses and needs.

“We are thrilled to launch our new Rydal mattress” said Company Director, Nicky Cannon. “2017 was a fantastic year for the business, so it is really exciting for the team and everyone who is involved with Feather and Springs to add further to our range. In the last 12 months we have seen sales grow strongly due to awareness of our brand spreading, and it shows no signs of slowing down! Our customers really like the fact we are a true family business that make the product ourselves, and that has helped the company grow at the rate we have.”

Feather and Springs use traditional techniques when hand-crafting their mattresses and beds, and this eye for detail is what sets their brand apart. One example would be the hand-stitching of the Kent and Castle mattresses, which is the extremely delicate and time-consuming process of sewing the mattress borders with twine to ensure the rigidity and strength of the mattress. In a world where speed and efficiency of manufacture has become the number one priority, this small bed maker sees things differently.