How Big Is A Double Bed?

How Big Is A Double Bed?

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Of the six standard double bed sizes available in the UK, the double bed falls somewhere in between a single and a king size bed. Think of it as the Goldilocks of bedsizes: not too big, not too small – but if you’re looking for something a little larger than a single mattress with a little extra room to stretch out in, it could be just right.

Double Bed Size

So: just how big is a double bed? Well, roughly double the size of a small single bed – making it ideal for single sleepers, or for co-sleepers who prefer to sleep in close proximity (for sleeping partners who require a little extra room, a king or super-king is usually the better option).

Standard double bed measurements are usually 4 feet 6 inches (width) by 6 feet 3 inches in imperial measurements, which translates to 120cm (width) by 190cm (length) in metric measurements. This is a normal double bed size, with a small double measuring slightly less (4′ x 6’3″ imperial, or 120 x 190 cm metric).

It’s worth remembering when buying a double bed (in the UK) that mattress manufacturers tend to size their products slightly differently depending on where they are made.

While standard UK mattresses are correct to the nearest inch/centimetre, they measure slightly differently to European mattresses – so it’s a good idea to check your double bed mattress size to ensure that it’s a proper fit for your bed frame.

Finding The Perfect Fit – For You

But how long is a double bed in relation to your body? If you have never slept in a double bed it can be difficult to determine whether it’s the right size for you – so it’s always a good idea to “road test” them in store.  When trying a bed out for size, lie down on the mattress on your back, then sides to see whether it is still comfortable in case you need to change your sleeping position.

Finding the right bed size for your body type depends largely on height: those who are shorter in stature might find themselves drifting off the land of nod in no time – but people who are 6 foot or over might struggle to sleep without curling up – which isn’t ideal if that’s not your preferred sleeping style. Ideally you should choose a bed that is six inches longer than your body height – and if you have a sleep partner – ensure that both of you can fit on the bed – otherwise you might find your (taller) partner has accidentally into a diagonal position – which is not comfortable for either of you!

Finding The Perfect Fit – For Your Room

From a style perspective, using furniture or even decorative items that are disproportionate to the size of the room tends to look a little imbalanced: smaller objects can become swamped in the vastness of a large bedroom, while large items in a cosier room can appear to dominate the space.

If you share your bed with a partner, having to push one side of the bed up against a wall is impractical, as it leaves no room for them to be able to get out of bed without clambering over you (and gives another meaning to the term “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”!)

Unless you happen to either be a vampire or the owner of a murphy bed (beds that fold into the wall) the bedframe you choose is likely to cover a decent amount of floorspace – so before you buy your bed, take care to measure this to ensure that you have enough space around the sides and at the foot of the bed.

How Did You Sleep?

If someone asks you this question, it’s usually in regard to how peacefully you slept – but it could also well refer to your sleeping style. These usually fall into five types: fetal (those who sleep curled up), side, stomach, back and combination sleepers (who tend to change position frequently throughout the night).

While fetal sleepers or side sleepers might be happy with a single bed, double beds allow for a little extra room to roll over or stretch out in, making them a good option for combination sleepers or for those needing extra space.

Before purchasing a bed, it’s always a good idea to first measure both yourself and the dimensions of your room. To find out for yourself how a double bed measures up, why not test one out at your Kendal beds supplier, where you can find more advice and tips on finding the perfect bed for your needs.