10 easy steps to choosing your sleep environment with Feather and Springs.

10 easy steps to choosing your sleep environment with Feather and Springs.

Don’t rush, Seek out advise, Take time, Test and Let us deliver the rest…


• Don’t rush into anything:
Buying new bed is a significant investment and, one that should last for years, so make sure you do appropriate research into what is right for you, your partner and your home. Take time to think about what you need in terms of both comfort and style and allow plenty of time for going out and testing different beds.
• Seek out your support:
Before searching for a new bed talk to friends, for retailer recommendations and find out whether your current mattress is too hard or too soft, and why it is, that you want to change it, as this will help when you start testing new mattresses. To do this, slide your hand under the small of your back – if your hand fits too easily between your back and the mattress, it may be too firm and If your hand cannot fit under your back at all, or has no space to move, it may be too soft.
• Ten-minute test:
When testing out a new mattress remember it needs to be comfortable for an entire night, not just a few minutes. Try to simulate sleeping by removing your coat and shoes, grabbing a pillow, then lying down in your normal sleeping position for at least 10 minutes. This should be just enough time for your body to comfortably relax and get a real feel for the bed. At Feather & Springs, we will happily leave you alone for the time that you need. We will wake you, before we lock up shop.
• Test a range:
It’s worth testing hard, medium and soft mattresses of varying levels as what you think you want might be different to what you need and consider the base the bed is currently sat on, and what your looking for as a result.
• Different bodies need different support:
If you share a bed, then always take your partner with you and test the beds together – what suits one person won’t necessarily suit the other. If you struggle to find support that suits you both move on to the next choice.
• Size matters:
According to the Sleep Council people don’t buy large enough beds, with 75% purchasing double beds that are still the standard 135cm x 190cm wide. Ideally your bed should be about 15cm longer than the taller user and provide at least 76cm of horizontal sleeping space per partner. We know a lot of widowers don’t enjoy being in a larger bed, so all our divan range comes in a large single too, although we don’t show it on our tickets. Just ask.
• Select your style:
Space and style are also important areas to consider. Do you need extra storage space within your home to keep clutter hidden away? Will you be moving home or expanding your family soon? A larger bed for Sunday morning cuddles with children, will be appreciated. These are all questions to ask when looking at the overall size and style of bed you purchase
Buy the divan base and mattress together:
Where possible you should ideally purchase the divan base and mattress together. The two are designed to provide support and work together as a team to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep, and often if your current mattress is giving up the ghost, so will its base.
If you’re just looking to purchase a mattress, check what type of divan base you tested it on, as different divan bases can affect how hard or soft the mattress feels. If you’re reusing an old divan base, bear in mind how worn it is as this could result in premature wear to the new mattress, which in turn would invalidate any guarantee.
You may also find that your new mattress doesn’t fit on the existing divan base as snugly which can lead to movement and damage, meaning you get a very uncomfortable snooze. If you are buying a mattress for a bed frame, measure the internal size in cm’s, often we see people who have bought European sizes, by companies like Hulsta and Gautier and the metric sizing does not sit well with imperial Britain. We will happily make you a metric mattress, and most of our mattresses can be made with a lower profile.
• Go natural:
When it comes to beds there is a lot of truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”. If a mattress seems inexpensive, check its fillings. The quality of the fillings in a mattress is crucial to your comfort, not just for the support they provide, but their breathable properties that help regulate your body temperature, so you get a better night’s sleep. A mattress that uses a high proportion of natural materials is hygienic and long-lasting, providing you with a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep.
• Be practical:
When purchasing a bed, always consider its size in relation to the size of your home, while trying to get as big a bed as possible. Zip and link beds mean any size of Feather & Spring double bed can be taken up the stairs in two single-sized parts and connected to form a bed in the room. This is also a good option for a spare room as it also provides a flexible option.
Feather & Springs offer a full range of sleep solutions and is always on hand to offer advice to help you choose the perfect bed and create your perfect bedroom environment. We also offer a on-site visit report, for our trade accounts. Please contact [email protected]


Bed Measurements
Small Single 75cm x 190cm                               Single 90cm x 190cm
Small Double 120cm x 190cm                          Double 135cm x 190cm
King size 150cm x 200cm                                  Super king 180cm x 200cm

European Double 140/160/180/200 x 200cm