The Team Making Your Perfect Mattress.

The Feather and Springs team are as vitally important to our success as our customers and products are. We’re extremely proud to have recruited and trained fantastic people that now all work as part of a family.

We have people aged from sixteen to sixty in our factory based in Lancashire, and we focus on training our team so that they have outstanding specialist skills and can feel justly proud of the unique products that they make.

Every part of a Feather & Springs mattress will have been hand crafted using a combination of techniques old and new. We constantly innovate and work with our suppliers to get the highest quality materials to make sure our products are the best they can be.

This approach has fostered a real passion for excellence and to working as a team for you, the customer. Meet us all below and put a name to the face or voice you are dealing with.

Feather and Springs Team

Nicky Cannon

Jon Cannon

Chris Cannon

Ben Cannon

Charlotte Taylor

Simon Blakeway

Katie Bruner

Avril Haydock

Dawn Diaz