5 Tips to Improve your Space for Sleep

5 Tips to Improve your Space for Sleep

A few changes in your space and personal habits can help optimise your bedroom for the best possible night’s sleep. We have highlighted 5 key tips so you can do this too!

1 – Keep that lighting low!

In the evening, switch off your ceiling light and opt for lamps instead. Our brains use lighting to regulate our sleep cycles, therefore bright lights extend the perceived day time! Opting for red tones in lighting, as opposed to white and yellow, will take your space one step further to be the ultimate space for rest and relaxation.

2 – Switch Those Screens Off!

All your tech is keeping you up at night! Televisions, mobile phones, laptops…they emit blue light which restricts your melatonin production, therefore making it much harder to fall asleep. If you prefer to listen to something to help you get to sleep, opt for a calming podcast or an audio book. Feather & Springs recommends the CALM app for this purpose!

3 – Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Keeping your space free of clutter and mess will help you get to sleep! Trying to rest in a room full of reminders of those tasks that are looming will not be very effective. Put the laundry away, clear out the clutter and get the job done! Then you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to worry about them the next day. If your room simply doesn’t have the space to keep the clutter at bay, an ottoman bed base is a great solution to increase your storage without taking up any more space. Easy!

4 – A Quality Mattress Catered to You

Of course, your bed is the star of the show when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. No one mattress suits all, despite what the TV ads may tell you! Your size, shape, sleeping habits and temperature regulation are all key when choosing the best mattress for you. The Feather & Springs team take all of this into account and advise you which collection of components in your mattress will give you the ultimate night’s sleep. Handmade in the U.K. with a 15-year blanket guarantee, you know you will get the best quality every time.

5 – Calming Colours

Your walls and colour scheme may not be doing you any favours. The colour blue is most effective in creating a calming space to enhance sleep, as the brain interprets blue environments as calming, therefore reducing your heart rate and blood pressure. However, it isn’t just blue that has been proven effective! Yellow, orange and green walls have also been shown to be conducive of sleep. If those colours aren’t for you, there’s no need to worry – opting for lighter, pastel or muted colours won’t set you far wrong. Simply, avoid bright, bold, stimulating colours!