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Feather & Springs are a mattress company who believe that you are entitled to sleep well and live life to the full; waking up each day feeling refreshed and well rested after a comfortable night’s sleep is essential in today’s busy world.

At Feather and Springs, we like to do things differently.  We aren’t just another ‘bed shop’, we are a local family business who expertly handcraft bespoke mattresses. Being passionate about providing everyone the perfect sleep solution means that we can offer you the best sleeping experience around, unlike any other bed retailer.

Too often when looking for the ideal mattress you may be influenced by price or a promotion without giving real consideration to the comfort and support required.  You can be assured that when you sleep on a Feather and Springs mattress we have invested in your sleep and not marketing.  That way you know you are getting the best product for the price.

‘Tailor made’ and ‘bespoke’ mattresses lie at the very heart of our company – we are a trustworthy mattress company who have been making unique products for many years and we know that sometimes what you are offered elsewhere isn’t necessarily what you need.

You owe it to yourselves to come and visit one of our ‘sleep centres’ located conveniently in Kendal (Master Showroom) and Morecambe (Bespoke Showroom) where our knowledgeable staff can help find the ideal bed for you.

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A Family Business like no other!

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A family business that prides itself on delivering only the finest quality products without compromise. Every single one of our products is backed up by an unwavering 15 year guarantee. We operate on a hand-shake warrantee, meaning that no matter the problem we agree to sort it at any time in the 15 years since the product was initially purchased. No longer will you feel unheard or dismissed, we are here for you no matter what.

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3 days ago

Feather and Springs
Here at Feather and Springs, we don't believe in the high pressure attitude around Black Friday. With so many panic purchases that consumers are surely to regret, we ensure that not one customer ever regrets a purchase of one of our mattresses by never putting them on sale, and subsequentially never making you rush a purchase. SO, to break up all the Black Friday Spam, here is a picture of our newest Cannon Family recruit, Lance! 🐕 If you fancy a slightly more relaxed Black Friday, make sure to pop by our Kendal store where unfortunately Lance won't be able to help you, but I'm sure we will find somebody that will be just as helpful! 😁 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Feather and Springs
Some people say our beds are so good that they even put a rainbow in the sky... if you need proof here it is! 🌈 ........#mattress #mattresses #mattressshopping #beds #modern_bed #sleepy #sleeptime #bedtime #sleeptips #sleepwell #nighttime #lightsout #instagoodnight #interiorphotography #bedroom #bedroomdesign #bedroominspiration #homedecor #furniture #masterbedroom #luxurybedding #decor #rainbow #rainbows #rainbowcolors #SupportSmallBusiness #handmade #ShopSmall #shopsmallbusiness #smallbusiness ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Feather and Springs
For those of you that don't know, we are located next to the beautiful river Kent on Dockray Industrial Estate in Kendal. While this normally means we get beautiful morning walks to work, it also means that come this time of year again, flooding because a bit of a potential issue. HOWEVER, The river hasn't quite burst it's banks yet... which means we are STILL OPEN! Make sure to pop down in the near future or our range might have rapidly changed from our famous Pocket Sprung Mattresses to slightly less popular "Water Beds" 🤔 #flooding #kendal #riverkent ... See MoreSee Less
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